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Established in 2013, our Fuel Storage and Container Rental Services
Continue to Expand, Catering to Your Growing Needs


The Myat Myittar Mon fuel storage tank, located at Thilawa Port, was constructed in 2011 and officially inaugurated in 2013. It serves as a crucial facility for storing premium imported fuel. The storage operations are overseen by proficient inspectors, ensuring methodical redistribution. This dedication to excellence guarantees efficient and timely services to enhance your business endeavors.

What we do

We prioritize safety and environmental considerations in the storage and upkeep of fuel oil. Special precautions are implemented to prevent fire hazards and minimize the risk of environmental contamination.
To minimize fuel oil losses and wastage within the Myat Myittar Mon fuel storage tank used by businesses, skilled engineers are assigned to oversee the facility. The processes align with internationally recognized ISO standards to ensure effective management.

Opened In


In fuel Industry for

20 Years

Hub for

Foreign oil


Imported oil

Thilawa Port’s 2013-established Myat Myittar Mon tank stores premium fuel, managed by skilled inspectors for efficient distribution.

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ဝယ်ယူသုံးစွဲသူများ၏ ကျေနပ်ပျော်ရွှင်မှုသည် ကျွန်ုပ်တို့အတွက် ဦးစားပေးဖြစ်၍ မျှော်မှန်းထားသည်ထက် ကျော်လွန်အောင် အစွမ်းကုန် ကြိုးစားဝန်ဆောင်မှုပေးလျက်ရှိပါသည်။

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