With nearly 30 years of thriving experience in the fuel industry

Who we are

With over three decades of experience in the motor oil industry, Myat Myittar Mon (MMTM) stands as a steadfast and trustworthy company. Our legacy of reliability has propelled us forward.
In 2013, we proudly launched the MMTM Terminal at Thilawar Port. This strategic step marked the beginning of our expansion in fuel storage, maintenance services, and transportation rentals. Today, we continue to build on this foundation, ensuring top-notch solutions for our valued customers.
Apart from that, Myat Myittar Mon boasts over 11 years of experience in the bean industry. Moreover, our company is actively engaged in exporting rice and corn to international markets, contributing significantly to foreign revenue generation.

What We Do

  • Establishing motor oil retail outlets across every region of Myanmar, our initiative focuses on the widespread distribution and sale of premium imported motor oil.
  • We specialize in the importation of high-quality motor oil from foreign sources, offering it at wholesale prices to cater to your business needs.
  • Our comprehensive services extend to the secure storage and maintenance of imported fuel oil at the Myat Myittar Mon port.
  • Efficiency is paramount in our transportation rental services, ensuring swift delivery of your goods to border areas.
  • With an extensive range of offerings, we procure various types of rice and corn from local sources. These raw materials undergo meticulous refinement at the Myat Myittar Mon factory, resulting in products of exceptional quality. Our commitment to quality extends to the export and sale of diverse rice and corn varieties to international markets.

Our Mission ?

Settling all state taxes completely and engaging in endeavors to foster the growth of the nation’s economy.

The nation and its citizens are consistently prepared to offer donations to areas requiring assistance for public welfare initiatives.

The fuel trading sector in Myanmar places a lesser emphasis on self-interest, instead focusing on delivering premium-quality fuel to the public in a commendable manner.

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Happy .

Client happiness is our priority. We consistently strive to be the best, giving our utmost to exceed expectations.

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