Quality Rice
Maize Service

Buys diverse rice and corn meeting Myanmar’s quality standards,
cleans in owned facilities, and exports per global norms.

Rice & Maize

Since 2019, we’ve been actively operating within the Shwe Lin Ban Industrial Zone. Our operations encompass various locations, including factories and garages. Our procurement strategy involves sourcing products from a wide geographical area and then efficiently transporting them via Ye Lang Gone Road. Functioning as a subsidiary, our company specializes in the acquisition of diverse varieties of rice and corn cultivated throughout Myanmar. These products are procured through collaboration with Myat Myittar Mon Purchasing Group. Our primary objective revolves around exporting these goods to international markets, thereby generating foreign revenue streams.

What we do

Our company purchases a wide variety of rice and corn that adhere to Myanmar’s cultivation quality standards. These grains undergo thorough cleaning within the company’s owned facilities, including factories and garages. Subsequently, the company exports the processed products following international benchmarks.



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