kept to
International Standard

First to import high-quality motor oil after Myanmar’s 2008
regulation shift, reshaping the automotive industry.

Petroleum Trading

Since the liberalization of regulations in 2008 permitting the distribution and sale of motor oil by private companies in Myanmar, Myat Myittar Mon Company has emerged as a trailblazer. It proudly stands as the foremost organization to have imported world-class, high-quality motor oil into the state. This accomplishment not only signifies the company’s commitment to excellence but also symbolizes a pivotal moment in the state’s automotive industry

What we do

We pride ourselves on delivering the most cost-effective prices for wholesale transactions to private businesses. In terms of quality, our emphasis is consistently placed on providing not only the finest products but also an unparalleled level of service. Our commitment to excellence extends to our delivery service, which is executed with the utmost efficiency and a heartfelt touch of care. We firmly believe that every order is an opportunity to spread positivity, and that’s why our delivery service is imbued with genuine love and dedication.



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Timely Deliveries, Low Prices Guaranteed! Experience On-Time Delivery and Competitive Pricing for Wholesalers!

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Striving for greatness, one client at a time.

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