As a Plantation Supervisor, you will hold a pivotal role in overseeing and managing all aspects of our plantation operations. Your responsibilities will encompass guiding the cultivation process, ensuring efficient resource utilization, and maintaining a high level of productivity while adhering to quality and sustainability standards.

  • Graduation from Dip.Agri or B.Argi.Sc.
  • Demonstrable professional expertise in corn and rice agriculture.
  • Possession of over 5 years of pertinent work experience.
  • Previous engagement in seeds (seeds/hair) agricultural activities is desirable.
  • Age should not exceed 40 years.
  • Proven ability to effectively lead and manage plantation employees.
  • Proficiency in overseeing corn and rice plantations.
  • Resilience to endure physical demands and commit to long-term engagement.
  • Strong teamwork skills with effective communication capabilities.
  • Negotiable salary based on business acumen and experience.
  • Willingness to engage in fieldwork as required.

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