1. Comprehensive Vehicle Knowledge: Possess a deep understanding of vehicles and their mechanics, coupled with the ability to perform professional repairs.
  2. Diverse Repair Acumen: Demonstrate proficiency in repairing both large and small vehicles, showcasing broad expertise across repair types.
  3. Office Car Maintenance: Take charge of maintaining office cars, overseeing troubleshooting, and leading maintenance activities under supervision.
  4. Strategic Repair Planning: Plan and schedule repair tasks, efficiently managing repair timelines and operations.
  5. Mechanical and Wiring Diagnostics: Diagnose mechanical and wiring issues accurately, devising effective repair strategies to address them.
  6. Technical Guidance: Provide technical guidance and support, resolving challenges and driving continuous quality improvement.
  7. Proactive Problem Anticipation: Predict potential mechanical problems and recommend preemptive repairs, ensuring sustained vehicle performance.
  8. Routine Inspection and Maintenance: Conduct regular inspections and maintenance on equipment to guarantee optimal functionality.
  9. Inventory Management: Monitor spare parts and tool inventory, utilizing resources effectively to streamline repair processes.

We are seeking candidates who meet the following criteria for the role of Experienced Car Maintenance Technician:

  • Possession of over 5 years of hands-on car maintenance experience.
  • Willingness and ability to travel for work-related needs.
  • Dedication to staying informed about industry advancements to maintain current technical expertise; commitment to remaining up-to-date with technological progress and manufacturer guidelines.
  • Proficiency in generating precise service reports for internal record-keeping and preparing detailed work estimates.

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$10 Lakhs/mo

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